Egg Freezing

& Fertility Preservation
Oregon Reproductive Medicine helps women start their families on their
own schedules.

We offer expedited proactive egg freezing/preservation for women with medical indications that may threaten their future fertility.

More women are waiting longer to start a family, and The Egg Freezing program allows ample time for family planning. It also allows women who have been diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to preserve their fertility before beginning chemotherapy or radiation. The eggs are stored with Oregon Reproductive Medicine and are ready whenever the woman decides to start her journey.

At ORM, we realize how critical this time is, which is why our team works with women to fast track the entire process — at a discounted rate.

We will arrange an immediate appointment with one of our doctors to discuss your options and start the necessary medications, which are provided free of charge.

Call us to discuss your options and candidacy for fast tracking your fertility preservation. 877.567.4994 or 503.274.4994

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